Tessellating Collection

2018 onwards

Architect and ceramicist, Lydia Johnson, takes an artistic approach to how pieces can be arranged on the table, and makes efficient use of space in the meantime. Her slip-cast porcelain vessels tessellate together to form decorative patterns and clusters, to create eye-catching displays in the home. The collection includes cups, pourers and vases, available in three enjoyable sizes and a range of colours.

Self taught using both hand-made and digital techniques, Lydia’s designs for her Tessellating Collection integrate the handle within the geometry of the cup in order to tessellate. Each vessel is comfortable for holding and pouring, and can be used for coffee, tea, seasoning, spices, dips, or even for plants, jewellery & trinkets. The form of the cups are very ‘huggable’ - like most handle-less cups, if the contents is hot, leave for a minute before picking up.

Lydia digitally mills her moulds from high density foam using CNC. The then plaster-casts each part, and assembles them in different ways for slip-casting. The parts are adaptable and flexible to create multiple forms, which all share the same geometry. Each piece is designed to be slip cast in one single pour. The design of the mould therefore embodies everything the ceramic piece will later become. This is celebrated within each piece, showing the texture and seams of the mould it was made from.

This collection develops the design of the previous Tessellating Cups range to expand the collection’s performance and application. The collection continues to use slip casting techniques and approach to mould-making that makes Fettle Studio’s work so unique and identifiable.

These pieces are available to buy from a number of stockists, and directly from our Online Shop. Please see the quick links below for the items currently available in this collection.
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