Tessellating Displays

These wall hangings present Lydia’s Tessellating Cups as a decorative array of mutiple slip cast elements. This work builds on themes explored in Lydia’s earlier study, Tactile Perception and her fascination with geometry, colour and pattern.

The deep frames have been handmade to Lydia’s exacting designs, featuring a mitred front edge, leading your eye directly into the piece. The backboard, which itself is set forward to showcase the work, features a shallow recess for each cup with sit within.

These pieces were on exhibition at Thrown Contemporary in Highgate throughout 2018.

My First Year As A Ceramicist

The work presents many of the trials and triumphs of a self-taught ceramicist, that often come from the unpredictable but thrilling craft of combining clay, glaze and extreme heat.

Each component is of individual value, an experiment in glaze, texture & surface, presented together in this large, colourful, tessellating arrangement.

Small Frames: Blue Tones / Neutral Tones

These two pieces focus on evoking an overall colour tone, through the use of these individual modules. Each cup is unique with its own detail in colour and surface. Together, they begin to be read as pixels within a larger picture, playing as part of the whole, to convey an overall impression of colour, tone and mood.

Width 370mm x Height 490mm x Depth 80mm

Please contact Lydia if you are interested in comissioning a similar piece.

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