The Big Mack Build

Competition Entry

The Brief: To create an installation for the opening of ‘Mackintosh at the Willow’, the faithful renovation of Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s Willow Tea Rooms in Glasgow. The only available resources are 200 cardboard boxes and cable ties.

Fettle Studio’s entry, entitled ‘Glade’, is listed online by the Glasgow Institute of Architects with 14 other entries.

‘This proposal has been inspired by Mackintosh and the themes that are present in his architecture, furniture and art; themes that I reflect in my own work today. I was very lucky to visit the original masterpiece of the Glasgow School of Art before the heartbreaking fires of recent years. Mackintosh is an inspiration - I admire his ability to reflect natural, intimate, human sensibilities with a simple order and composure.

This installation creates a forest glade: a room within a room, a place to dwell, a moment of intimacy, a celebration of one material. True to my own artistic spirit and the themes we see in Mackintosh’s work, the installation presents a rigorous, modular, orderly arrangement, seemingly simple from outside, yet revealing on closer inspection, the intricacy of the grid and the tactility of the material. The arrangement is composed as a forest glade in the space to inspire romantic, delightful and even enchanting sensibilities.

Embracing modularisation, the 200 boxes will form a robust and geometric, yet delicate and poetic, installation for Mackintosh at the Willow.’
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