Tessellating Originals

2014 - 2018

Inspired by the simple form of one little cup, the Tessellating Cup early series was has been designed with multiples in mind. Pieces fit together as pairs, trios, quads, in circular formations, or as a large colourful, decorative grid.

Each piece is handmade by slip casting clay in plaster moulds that have been specifically designed by Lydia. The moulds are milled in high density foam by CNC machine and then cast in plaster. Once dry and ready to use, slip casting can begin. The ceramic pieces are first fired to bisqueware, then dip glazed in one pure colour, and then undergo a final firing.

Small Cup sets

3x green cups on plywood base
4x blue cups on plywood base

Each cup: 4cm(h) x 5cm(w) x 6cm(l).
Approx volume each cup: 30ml

The small cups are great for seasoning and spices.

Medium Cup sets

3x blue cups on plywood base
4x white cups on plywood base
6x black cups on plywood base

Each cup: 4.5cm(h) x 6.5cm(w) x 8.5cm(l).
Approx volume each cup: 60ml.

The medium cups are perfect for espresso coffee and sauces.

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