Fettle Studio / Hexacones

Inspired by the Mesopotamian clay cone mosaic, this installation of stacked tessellating plaster forms explores the potential of one repeating element to present multiple architectural conditions. The design of the repeating ‘hexacone’ structure creates a wall, a dome and a seat.

Designed and fabricated over just one month in 2013, this piece comprises 360 plaster hexacones, positioned to enjoy the evening sun.

The project was designed, fabricated and installed at Grymsdyke Farm, a research facility, fabrication workshop and living-working space for architects, artists, designers and those interested in materials and processes of making.

The Hexacones structure enjoyed a mention in the August 2014 Guardian Article by Oliver Wainwright, entitled 'Clay Robotics'.

Credits to the team:
Lydia Johnson
Daniel Brookfield
Amy Martin
Camilla Bartz-Johannessen

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