Door to Design Competition
Victoria & Albert Museum

Shortlisted, 2018

In Summer 2018, Lydia was shortlisted for the V&A’s Door to Design project, which invites artists to lead workshops with local school children, working in their chosen medium, and inspired by the historic and new buildings of the V&A. The workshops would culminate in a Family Day and an exhibition in summer 2019, designed by the artist, at the John Lyons Charity Community Gallery.

‘As a ceramicist and qualified architect, I am drawn to the physical substance of buildings and spaces around me, the tactility, patternation, texture and colour of materials and surfaces. I enjoy looking closely at buildings; at the tangible, human-scaled, repeating forms, that amount to holistic architectural experiences of rigour, familiarity and delight.

Following the theme of tessellation and inspired by the architecture of the V&A, the children will be able to design, make, decorate and play with shapes, patterns and surfaces through the medium of clay. As well as the beautiful mosaic floors of the historic building, the new V&A extension is full of tactile surfaces and interesting geometry. Led by my own artistic obsession with these themes, the workshops explore both 2d and 3d tessellating forms, resulting in a large, colourful and engaging display at the end of the year, and engaging activities for Family Day.’

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